About Us

Among the many courier services, we are easy to find, not only because the name of our company KSD, but also because we are responsible
governmental, caring, hardworking pieces of your company and your company's reputation for us is as important as our own.

KSD - a modern and dynamic company providing courier`s services on a national scale.
Regional network of the company consists of 5 branches and representative offices throughout Ukraine.
A team of employees - more than 500 professionals who are united by a common goal - the acquisition of the company leadership and the provision of services of the highest quality.
In the future.

In the future

We invite you to become a representative of the KSD Network in your city.

Our network is built on the common rules, wage scale, technology, work, and exclusive partnerships. The advantage of the KSD web - in the legal independence of every Representative and in strict obligations to each other to achieve one goal - to express the quality of customer service.

  • Opening of new networks courier service delivery;
  • The system of on-line booking their orders and services;
  • Getting the goods on the day after the order.




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